About Me

Hi, I’m Adriana and welcome to MyMoments4Life that is about travel but also about the journey within. I’m on a quest of creating meaningful experiences to finding deeper purpose and travel is a tool for that.

You will find here some useful travel tips, itinerary suggestion and a bunch of inspirational pictures  based on my personal experiences that I’ve encountered while travelling. Moreover, in My Mindful Moments I share my reflexions and advice on creating life on your own terms through personnal development process. Though I believe that the path to achieving any goal starts with a personnal success first, that means working on our habits to be in a constant state of growth.

Having travelled to over 55 countries, this blog is about amazing places to discover and a personal diary to myself – because beautiful moments need to be remembered and shared. If you cherish simple things in life and are keen on exploring new places, new cultures, new food, you should find some inspiration here! The purpose of my travels is to raise awarness through causes worldwide but also to simply share My Travel Moments that make me feel alive.

Polish born, Paris based, having studied in UK, China and France, I have an inborn taste for exploring and an international mindset. I’m a fearless adventurer who likes to get challenged every now and then. I moved to Paris without prior knowledge of French and left my full-time job in corporate Procurement to become an entrepreneur. 

MyMoments4Life is about celebrating life’s moments through meaningful experiences. I hope that it will inspire you to create your own moments and make them memorable!