Château Borgeat de Lagrange is a family-owned b&b hotel that provides an unusual experience. It is a neo-Gothic castle built in 1856. It provides a combination of tasting a house signature wine from the Bordeaux area, staying at a beautiful historical château with an outdoor swimming pool and picturesque surroundings. There is also a possibility to take a ride inside a vintage 2CV car to visit the surrounding vineyards.

Location of Château Borgeat de Lagrange

Château Borgeat de Lagrange is located in Blaye, at some 50 km from Bordeaux. The closest airport is Merignac airport in Bordeaux. It is surrounded by vineyards from one side and by the river from the other. On the property there is a garden, a park and an outdoor swimming pool. It makes it a quaint location in the middle of nature.

Room and interior

There are 3 bedrooms and 2 suites available in the castle. We stayed at the Queen Suite with pool view. It has a double bed and is equipped with a kitchenette area. There is also a shared lounge and a terrace on the first floor, overlooking the pool. The interior is as beautiful as the exterior!

A unique combination of château, wine and 2CV

Château Borgeat de Lagrange offers a unique experience in the area of Bordeaux. Upon demand, you can taste the house wine, visit the surrounding vineyard from where you can see the château and even take a ride in a vintage 2CV car! To me, it is a perfect way to experience all the Bordeaux region has to offer, if you combine it with the visit of Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion (53 km).

My feelings about this experience

Would I recommend staying at Château Borgeat de Lagrange? Of course, I would, without hesitation. We were on a road trip to the South West of France and we wanted to visit the area of Bordeaux. I had a crash on this château when I saw the pictures on the Internet. Our stay turned out to be even better than I thought, thanks to the full experience that the host, Estelle, provided us with. It is a perfect place for couples, for girly getaway and for families as the outdoor area is huge.

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