Perched tree hut

Les Cabanes Jacquoises are two perched tree huts on 5 and 8 meters stilts situated in the middle of trees. This unusual b&b provides a unique experience with a private jacuzzi on the terrace overlooking the oak tree forest. It is a perfect location for those who love nature and who are looking to discover unique places that go out of the ordinary hotel stays.

Location of Les Cabanes Jacquoises

Les Cabanes Jacquoises are situated in a small village of Jacque some 20 km from Tarbes, where both the airport and train station are, and 40 km from Lourdes. We came to the Pyrenees to hike in the mountains, therefore we stayed one night in June at Les Cabanes Jacquoises. We arrived from Aydius where we did a beautiful hike to see the heart-shaped Montagnon Lake and the day after we went to Cirque de Gavarnie, a UNESCO World Heritage site with picturesque views and impressive waterfalls. We drove 125 km from Aydius to live this one-night experience as we really wanted to sleep in a tree hut and be able to use a private jacuzzi. The day after, we drove down 95 km to visit the Cirque de Gavarnie.

The huts and their amenities

Les Cabanes Jacquoises are composed of two tree huts: Esquiròu and Paloma. The first one is perched on 5 meters while the latter on 8 meters from the ground. They both have a private jacuzzi and can fit 4 people: 2 adults and 2 kids. There is a double bed and two separate single beds on the mezzanine. The huts are completely made from wood to respect the nature and perfectly blend in the surroundings. We stayed in Paloma hut. It is surrounded with trees but not covered from above. Therefore, we could easily realize drone videos. There is a kitchenette area with microwave, ceramic hob, coffee machine and a small fridge. The cutlery, the bed sheets and towels are provided.

Unique breakfast experience

Breakfast is served in a unique way. The host attaches the breakfast box in the morning to the rope down the hut. Whenever you are ready, you pull the rope up on the terrace. The breakfast box contains pastries, orange juice, coffee, bread, butter, jam and honey.

My feelings about this experience

Would I recommend staying at Les Cabanes Jacquoises? Of course, I would! We really enjoyed our stay and even if it was not on the road for us, we chose to go there for the experience itself.

Since the huts only have wooden stairs and suspended rope bridge, make sure to pack a small bag with your essentials as it will be difficult to drag a big suitcase inside the hut.

So, if you love adventure and spending your time in nature in an unusual way, then Les Cabanes Jacquoises will be a great choice! We absolutely enjoyed taking a relaxing jacuzzi after the full day hiking in the Pyrenees mountains and to listen to the sound of rustling tree leaves.

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