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On top of the usual things you carry in your handbag, you surely have your favourite stuff you bring while you travel. For a better comfort on board, I have prepared this list of travel essentials for carry-on bag with my product recommendations. I never leave without them and I always tick the list off to make sure I have everything I need. This list was designed for flying, but it works perfectly on train or car travels either, with some exceptions.

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Bring something to read and listen

A great way to avoid adding any additional weight to your already heavy bag is to opt for dematerialized books such as digital books or audio books. With no doubt, Kindle and Audible from Amazon are the best on the market. I personally love listening to audio books when I am on a road trip, but also while commuting to work. With Audible membership you get 1 credit per month which is an equivalent of 9,95€ for one audio book per month. The membership is flexible and you can unsubscribe at any moment. The first book is free upon subscription with this link.

Kindle is another absolute travel essential for a bookworm like me. They have an extensive choice of books in different languages. For only 9,99€ per month you get access to over 1 million books. Like with Audible programme, you can also resign at any moment.

With all the electronics you carry, having a charger on you at all times is a necessity. You may also want to think about bringing a universal adapter depending on your destination.

For the comfort of your sleep

Yes, you will want to arrive fresh and rested at destination especially after a long distance flight. I discovered melatonin not a long time ago and I really feel that it helps to cope with jetlag better. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by a small gland in your brain. It gets activated without a presence of light, hence the importance of using an eye mask. I take it 30min before going to sleep during the flight and then before going to bed at destination for a couple of days.

I always bring an eye mask, a pair of warm socks to take off my shoes and feel comfy, a neck travel pillow as well as noise cancelling headphones either to watch a movie or listen to some music. The eye mask I recommend from a link below is great as it is puffy and it does not touch your eyelids so you will not end up with flattened eyelashes 🙂

To remain hydrated and refreshed

I always carry my reusable bottle with me that also filters the water so that I can refill it at a water fountain or ask a flight attendant to fill it up with some water. Not only you will help save the planet by not using the single use plastic but you will always have it by your side to remind you to keep hydrated at all times. What is more, some essential travel size toileteries are always handy, especially moisturizers as the skin is constantly exposed to air con, especially on a plane.

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